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Webhooks History

Webhooks allow you to transfer data on certain events through requests. Roistat uses webhooks to interact with external handlers.

To view the webhooks history, go to Project diagnosticsWebhooks history:


The webhooks history is also available at this link:{project-number}/health/request/log (enter your project number instead of {project-number}).

In the webhook history, you will see information about incoming and outgoing Roistat requests, including:

  • Leads sent from Roistat to your own CRM (not from the list of ready-made integrations);
  • Webhooks from ready-made Roistat integrations;
  • Information about calling the /api/proxy/1.0/leads/add method and the response body;
  • Webhooks from Calltracking (requests can be sent both at the time of the call and after the call to a substitute number);
  • Sending a goal to Google Analytics (requests are sent after the call ends);
  • Webhooks from Lead Hunter notifying about new leads in the form on the site.
  • Incoming requests from applications connected in the Integrations section.

Please note:

The webhook history displays the last 1000 requests for the last 14 days.