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Project Transfer

This option allows you to change the project owner.

To transfer a project:

  1. Go to the Settings of the project you want to transfer.

  2. In the Additional section, go to Project settings:


  3. In the Transfer ownership of project section, enter the email of the Roistat user to whom you want to transfer the project:


  4. Confirm that you want to transfer the project and all information to another owner, and click Transfer the project.

  5. After that, the project and all data from it will be sent to the Roistat user who owns the email address you specified.

Please note:

  • The new owner of the project will receive all the information on Analytics. The billing information will remain unchanged for the new owner.
  • Only the owner can return the transferred project back to you.
  • When transferring a project to another account, call tracking settings, numbers, and call records are saved.