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Why do you need to upload the leads to Roistat

The leads must be uploaded to Roistat to use the information about them in Analytics.

There are two methods of uploading the leads to Roistat:

The first method of uploading the leads to Roistat

The first method is used when the sending of leads to Roistat is already configured. In this way, the leads are uploaded to Roistat after the integration with CRM. This method of configuration is easy: you only have to create an additional field in CRM and add the script that automatically fills in this field with a unique visit number.

(tick) Use this method if the automatic sending of leads from the website to CRM is already configured and you don't want to make any changes. 

The second method of uploading the leads to Roistat

While using the second method, leads from the website are firstly sent to Roistat and then are sent to CRM. 

This method of upload the leads to Roistat is more reliable than the first one. If CRM was unavailable during the creation of the lead, the lead will not be lost. It will be created in CRM when the CRM is available. Roistat will attempt to send the lead every 30 minutes for the next 48 hours.

In this way, you have to find and change the script that sends the data.

(tick) Use this method if the leads from the website are sent to email, and your managers create this leads in CRM manually.

(info) Roistat refreshes the data about the leads that were changed in CRM at regular intervals. The date of creation of these leads does not matter. 

You can see the frequency of refreshing the information about the leads on the Project status page.

By default, Roistat requests from CRM the data on the leads that were changed during the last 7 days. If you had no access to your CRM for more than 7 days, contact our customer service.

How to configure the upload of leads from CRM

Create an additional field

When a client visits your website, the information about the visit is saved in your browser. To bind the visits to the leads in CRM, Roistat utilizes the visit number. Visit number is the unique number of the visit that is written in the  roistat_visit cookie. The containment of this cookie must be transmitted to CRM with the created lead. To do it, you must create additional field Roistat in CRM.

Configuring the script

Add the script that receives the value of roistat_visit cookie to your website before sending the data to CRM.

Example of script:

$roistatVisitId = array_key_exists('roistat_visit', $_COOKIE) ? $_COOKIE['roistat_visit'] : 'nocookie'

Как настроить отправку заявок в CRM

Создание дополнительного поля

Как и в предыдущем случае сначала нужно создать в CRM дополнительное поле с именем roistat, куда автоматически будет записываться номер визита. 

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