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(warning)(warning) This function is available if the integration with your CRM is configured using the API. 

To import the deals from Excel, follow this link: https://cloud.roistat.com/projects/xxxxx/import-excel, where xxxxx – is the number of the Roistat project.

(warning)(warning) The loaded file should have the .xls format.

The data on deals in the .xls-file are grouped in the table the following way:

ID         Order statusRoistat promo-codeSumCost  The date of the order


  • ID - ID of the deal in CRM.
  • Order status should correspond to the status in CRM: In work, Paid, Cancelled.
  • Roistat promo-code - visit number that is assigned by the Tracking Code.  
  • Sum - the sum of the deal that is used to determine the Revenue. 
  • Cost - cost of the deal.
  • The date of the order is set in the UNIX-time format. If this column is empty, the date order will be the date of the upload of the deal to Roistat.