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When a visitor calls the phone number from your website, Roistat forwards the call to the SIP-account.

If you have your own telephone exchange, the configuration will be much easier. To do it, you need to configure the SIP account in your telephone exchange without applying to customer service. Read more in

Call forwarding to


Call forwarding to the Roistat SIP account

When a visitor calls the substitution phone number, Roistat forwards the call to the Roistat SIP account.


Call forwarding to an outside SIP account

(warning)(warning) To forward calls to an outside SIP account, the telephone exchange that has the SIP account should be able to receive the incoming calls to SIP URL without registering and entering the password. 


Roistat transmits the following data while sending the information about the call:

x-roistat-phone11231234567The number dialed by a client
x-roistat-markerdirect_search_1234567_buy glassesMarketing source of the visit
x-roistat123456Visit number or marketing channel marker (when static calltracking is used)

How forwarding to an outside SIP account works


  1. The client visits your website and sees the Roistat substitution number.
  2. The client deals the number
  3. The call comes to the Roistat.
  4. Roistat forwards it to the outside SIP account specified in the call forwarding settings.

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