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(информация) You can export the list of the lead to Excel. To do it, select the period and click the Download button:


Solution to the problems

titleLead from the website does not exist in Sent leads

It means that the lead is not sent from the website to Roistat or cannot be received by Roistat. Possible causes: 

  1. Problems with your website server.
  2. Error in the script. 

How to solve:

  1. Change the last line of the script from this:
    file_get_contents("https://cloud.roistat.com/api/proxy/1.0/leads/add?" . http_build_query($roistatData));

    to this:

    file_get_contents("http://cloud-reserved.roistat.com/api/proxy/1.0/leads/add?" . http_build_query($roistatData));

    Save the changes and try to create the lead on the website once again. If it does not appear in the Sent leads, ask your provider why the data is not sent to the following addresses: https://cloud.roistat.com/api/proxy/1.0/leads/add;

  2. Check out the script for errors with the help of code checker