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titleAdditional fields of 'fields' => array(). They are needed to set the values of additional fields in CRM

CRMAdditional fields

// To fill in the additional field, you must transfer it in the following format: key => value. If you want to fill in the custom field, use the API name as key. If you want to fill in the standard field, use the Field name as key.
'Company' => 'Company name' ,
'Title' => 'Position' ,
'Owner' => 123, // Responsible manager, where 123 is manager's ID.

// Read Salesforce user documentation to learn more about custom fields: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=customize_customfields.htm&type=5

'price' => 123, // 'Budget' field in amoCRM.
'responsible_user_id' => 3, // Id of a manager who is responsible for deal.
'1276733' => 'Text', // Filling in the additional field with ID 1276733. You can fill in the additional field of a deal and additional field of a contact.
In case of filling the additional field of a contact, specify the ID of this field.
'status_id' => 123123, // Create a lead with specific status in specific pipeline. You must speficy the status ID. 
=> 123123, // Create a lead in specific pipeline. You must specify the pipeline ID.
// You can get more information about additional fields list in amoCRM user documentation: https://developerswww.amocrm.rucom/rest_api/developers/content/platform/abilities/#lead.
// Contact Roistat suppor to To get more information about operating with amoCRM additional fields, contact Roistat support.
'tags' => 'Tag1, Tag2', // Specify the tags titles using a comma.