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Roistat vs. Google Analytics

GA is a service geared toward web analytics

With the help of Google Analytics you can get the reports on how visitors behave on your website. However, the accuracy of the data is in doubt when using GA as an analytical tool for business analysis. The problem can be attributed to the fact that any integration with third-party services should be performed by certified specialists.

GA is more like reports designer, but you are the one who verifies the data. In case of any glitch or error you can hardly fix it.

Data synchronisation requires a constant programmer support which results in a high-cost implementation and maintenance

GA can easily integrate only with AdWords. Other sources can be linked only by programmers.

There is no clear step-by-step user guide, therefore, the integration requires an in-depth review. One may conclude that GA implementation will cost one or more programmer’s salaries per month instead of being free of charge.

By contrast, Roistat automatically transfers keywords expenses from 6 advertising platforms.

Moreover, you only need 1 click to get data from most CRM systems.

If you happen to need a programmer to help, it will be a one-time service for 1-2 hours maximum.

GA e-commerce reports don’t line up with reality

You can obtain reports on keyword profit. But profit in GA doesn’t correspond to completed orders in your business.


As it frequently happens GA estimates your profit on the orders having been placed in shopping carts. Consequently, one may suppose that all orders for your website have terminated with sales. But mostly it’s not true. GA doesn’t take into account canceled, returned or “in-process” orders.

On contrary, all changes made to the orders are transferred from CRM to Roistat immediately. The orders may be changed in a few months since last activity, and even these changes will be transferred to Roistat.

GA data sampling

Sampling is used for large volumes of data. With a free GA account one can get complete and accurate reports limited to 500 000 rows (they correspond to sessions). If the number of sessions exceeds 500 000, GA will employ a sampling algorithm. Therefore, data is incomplete and unreliable. The more sessions you have, the less accurate the reports are.

Roistat doesn’t face such a problem as it reports a complete data set.

A/B testing based on gross profit, not conversion rate

GA offers A/B testing but it ends when conversion rate reaches the predetermined level.

In Roistat, testing variants are compared by final gross profit. It will definitely save your business a lot of time and money.


When testing discounts many companies see that the conversion rate of one of the discounts beats the others and choose the winner.

However as happens frequently when comparing the testing variants by their gross profit, not by their conversion rate, you can find out that your previous suggestion was wrong because a non-winner has brought you much more profit.

Another problem that a lot of businessmen and analysts usually face is that of having no idea when A/B testing should be stopped. In Roistat, there is a confidence interval that indicates the moment when statistics is reliable and the test should be stopped. Consequently, you don’t spend your money on unprofitable variants.

A/B testing based on gross profit is a unique Roistat solution which you won’t find anywhere else.

Phone sales tracking available in a minute after registration

With Roistat service Calltracking you can track phone sales in a few clicks. Deals for all the calls are automatically created in CRM so that you don’t need any programmer.

GA offers third-party services for phone sales tracking and it’s not free. Moreover, the accuracy of data synchronization is in doubt.

No technical support from Google

In case of any questions on GA or its settings one should search the Internet or GA Help forum as it’s the only option.

Google technical support is available only for Google Analytics Premium which costs 150 000$ per year.

Roistat provides you a free technical support. We answer any technical questions and can help not only with Roistat settings but with business processes, markup, API, and etc. as well.