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Email Tracking: Additional Features

Viewing Email History

Emails uploaded to the Roistat project are displayed on the History page:


Uploaded emails are displayed as a table:

  • Date – date and time when the email was sent by the client;

  • Sender – client's email address;

  • Receivers – email addresses of recipients;

  • Visit number – visit number from roistat_visit cookie, if any;

  • Deal number – deal number from CRM, if the Send to CRM checkbox was selected;

    If the user sends an email with an attached file, the file is stored on the Roistat server, and a link to this file is sent to the deal in CRM.

  • Theme – email subject;

  • Message – email text.

The list of emails is updated every 3-15 minutes.

Use the Search field to find the email you need.

To download the email history in Microsoft Excel format, click Download report.

Disabling Email Tracking on Specific Pages of the Site

To disable email tracking on specific pages of the site, use the following JS API method:

window.onRoistatModuleLoaded = function () {
    window.roistat.emailtracking.enabled = false;