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Sending the "Call" Goal to Google Analytics


To track the incoming calls, you can create the goal with the type Event. Within this goal, Roistat will send to your Google Analytics (GA) account all events about calls dialed to the numbers you specified in the Calltrackig section.

The goal is configured in Roistat and in GA within several steps. Other activities, such as adding the JavaScript code to HTML code of the website, or configuring the parameters of data sending via Measurement Protocol are already fulfilled by Roistat team.

You can also configure the Webhook to send detailed information about incoming calls. Read more here.

Please note:

  • Within one script, you can configure the sending goal only to one counter of Google Analytics.

  • Goals can be sent by dynamic and static call tracking scripts. However, in static call tracking the goal in GA will not be linked to the specific source, as there are no Roistat and Google ClientID visit numbers.

How It Works

After ending the incoming calls, HTTP-request POST is sent.

Example of the request:

Parameter of the goal that are sent in the request:

Component Parameter in the request Value Is it needed to be configured by user?
Protocol version v 1 No
Tracking code ID of Google Analytics tid UA-XXXXXX-Y, where XXXXXX - your account number, Y - number of the related resource Yes
Client's anonymous identifier(Client-ID) cid example: 12xx916x95.13x6127xx4 No
Hit type t event No
Event category ec phone No
Event action ea call No
Event label el roistat No

Creation and Configuration

Step 1. Configuration in Roistat

To configure the automatic sending of goal by call in Roistat, you only need to specify the identifier of your Google Analytics resource.

  1. To find out the identifier of the resource, enter your GA account and go to the Administrator section. Choose the required resource and go to the Tracking code page. The resource ID is displayed in the Tracking ID string. You need to copy it.

  2. Open the script settings in Roistat project and go to Integrations (step 5).

  3. Enter the copied ID to the Resource ID (UA-XXX-Y) field of the Sending the goal to Google Analytics block and save the configuration.

Step 2. Configuration in GA

  1. Create the goal with the Event type in your GA account.

  2. Specify the parameters for created goal:

    • Category: phone;
    • Action: call;
    • Lable: roistat.

    Configure other parameters on your own.

How to Cancel the Sending of the Lead

To cancel the sending of the lead, clear the Resource ID (UA-XXX-Y) in goal settings in Roistat.

How to View the Goal by the Call in GA Account

To view the goal by the call in GA, go to Reports → Behaviour → Events.