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Backup Number

It happens that too many visitors visit the site at the same time, and they do not have enough replacement numbers for call tracking. Because of this, one replacement number is shown on the site to several visitors at once, and the accuracy of call tracking drops.

To solve this problem, Roistat added the ability to set a backup number in a project. The backup number is activated when there are not enough numbers to substitute.

For example, 5 visitors came to your site, and you have only 3 replacement numbers. The first visitor calls the first replacement number, the second visitor calls the second number, the third visitor calls the third one. But there are not enough numbers for all visitors, and the call of the fourth visitor goes to the first replacement number, and the call of the fifth visitor goes to the second. As a result, call tracking accuracy drops.

If there is a backup number, the calls of the fourth and fifth visitor (as well as other visitors for which there are not enough numbers) will go to the backup number, and the accuracy of the call tracking will be one hundred percent.

To set up a backup number, select a free number from the list of call tracking numbers and make this number a backup by clicking on the corresponding button.

You can create only one backup number in each project. All calls to the backup number will be forwarded to the number specified in the first activated script.

Calls to the backup number have the Backup number status. Also, they go into the Unknown channel.

If no backup numbers are chosen in the project, you will see the following message: "You can add the backup number. It will be used when there are not enough replacement numbers. In this case, the accuracy of the call tracking will be one hundred percent".