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Calltracking: Overview

Roistat Calltracking allows you to track customer calls using number replacement and call forwarding. Calltracking can be used in conjunction with other Roistat tools or separately.

Why You Need Calltracking

Measure the effectiveness of marketing channels. By tracking customer calls, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing channels and see how much money you are spending on each channel.

Optimize spending on marketing channels. You can cut spending on underperforming channels and invest more money in campaigns that bring value. As a result, marketing effectiveness will increase and marketing costs will decrease.

Evaluate the work of employees. A large number of missed calls may indicate a low performance of an employee. If there are a lot of calls, but they do not bring any value, you should pay attention to the quality of interaction with customers.

How Calltracking Works

The work of Roistat Calltracking is based on number replacement and call forwarding.

When a client visits your website, instead of your company number, they see a replacement number linked to their [visit number] (/settings/project/tracking_code/visit_number). When a client calls a replacement number, Roistat forwards the call to your company number. Roistat collects all data about the call up to the advertising channel through which the client came to your website.


Calltracking allows you to see which marketing channel brought the client and understand how many calls and sales each source brought. This information will help you to correctly redistribute advertising costs and increase the effectiveness of marketing.

Setting Up

To set up call tracking, you must have your own replacement numbers provided by your phone carrier. Also, your phone carrier must support forwarding to third party SIP. The setup process is as follows:

  1. Set up a call tracking script using your numbers in the Roistat project.
  2. In the phone carrier account, set up sending calls from the carrier to Roistat.
  3. In the Roistat interface, configure calls to be sent back to the carrier.

Go to the instructions for setting up call tracking

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