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Analytics – Frequently Asked Questions

For What Period Is the Data on Deals Updated?

Every hour, information on deals is updated for the entire period of the current integration with CRM, regardless of the date the deal was created. Using the experimental feature Lower date of order creation, you can update information on deals created before integration was enabled.

For example, a deal was created a year ago, and information on it was updated today. The data for this deal will also be updated on an hourly basis.

Why Can CTR Be Over 50%?

The ad position report often shows uneven distribution of CTR for specific positions (typically > 50%) and unknown positions (> 1%).

The reason is that Roistat cannot identify the position of each ad, since sometimes the advertising channel does not send this data. For each visit (click), it is possible to identify the exact position of the ad and get data on at least one ad impression (the one that was clicked). In rare cases, it is possible to link impressions to these visits (based on data received from the advertising channel).

In most cases, there is no way to identify the display position for ads that did not have a visit, so the display position is considered unknown. As a result, the ad position report shows uneven distribution.

How Is Net Profit Calculated?

The data is taken from CRM, where the first cost can be indicated for each deal. In order for Roistat to know in which order field the first cost is indicated, you need to specify this in the integration settings. If the first cost is not indicated in deals, in the project settings you can specify what percentage of revenue is net profit (Settings → Additional Project Settings → Deal profit,%):


How is Potential Revenue Calculated?

Potential revenue is calculated as follows:

If a deal with the In Progress status has revenue, the value of potential revenue is based on it. If the value of revenue is not specified, potential revenue is calculated using the following formula: (total sales revenue for the selected period)/(number of sales for the selected period)*(the number of deals in the "In Progress" status for the selected period)

What Visits Fall into the System Visits Channel?

System visits include visits by search bots and search engine moderators who check the performance of ads. Dynamic variables do not change for such visits, so Roistat does not receive information about the keyword, campaign ID, and banner ID.

Why Does the "Unknown" or "Unknown Value" Category Appear in the Report?

Sometimes the Unknown or Unknown value category may appear in the report. Below are some situations where deals may fall into this category.

When the report is grouped by time

When this type of grouping is selected, the Analytics report displays only those deals where the last visit was made during the corresponding grouping period (hours / days of the month / days of the week / weeks / months). If the specified period includes deals where the last visit was not made during the grouping period, they are displayed in the Unknown group. For example, you have selected grouping by days and the report period is July 31, so the report has only one grouping period – July 31. The Unknown category includes deals created on July 31st, but the last visit for these deals was not made on July 31st.

In the channel group report

When selecting the Channel Group grouping, channels that have not been added to any group fall into the Unknown category.

When the report is grouped by source domain

If a deal does not have a visit number and the source domain, but has a static source marker, the deal will be included in the report, but the Unknown value will be specified as the source domain. For example, this can happen with deals from offline advertising or services, when it is not possible to transfer the visit number.

In the report on the rejection reason

If the Rejection reason additional field of a deal is empty, this deal will fall into the Unknown value category. For example, in this category, all deals can have the In Progress or Paid statuses and have no Rejection reason.

Why Is the Number of Visits Different in Roistat, Google, and Other Services?

Visit counting is a complex mechanism with many nuances.

When calculating unique visits, parameters such as OS, browser, region, IP, cookies, time spent on the site and so on are taken into account. At the same time, visits of robots, spammers, moderators and managers of the site and other services are excluded, as these visits cannot be clients. Each system calculates these parameters using different algorithms, so the number of unique visits may differ depending on the site and web technologies used, as well as on the system that counts visits.

If there are discrepancies in your project, please write to our support team. We will check everything and try to figure out the reasons for the discrepancy.

How Is Ad Display Position Set in Google Ads?

The display position is set in the Google Ads ad link using the {adposition} parameter. For example, the value 1t2 stands for page 1, display above the search results (top), position 2.