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The profitability of each marketing channel is calculated by using channel costs. If costs are not imported automatically, you can enter them manually.

At the moment, costs are automatically imported for Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords, Yandex.Market and VKontakte.

Manual input in Analytics

Costs can be manually entered in Analytics.

At the moment, you can specify only monthly costs.

To set the costs, you should:

1. Select one-month period by clicking the Month button over the timeline graph.

2. Click the Add cost button.

3. Input fields will appear in the Cost column.

  • You can enter costs for any report level;

  • You don't need to set costs for all the levels;

  • The upper level costs are the sum of all lower levels costs if the former are not specified but the latter are;

  • The upper level costs won't be re-calculated as the sum of all lower level costs if the latter are set;

4. Click the Finish cost input button to apply the changes.

In summary, costs manager is a flexible tool to monitor and control your marketing costs. Moreover, it is a usual situation when you don't know lower levels costs.

Manual input with API

You can also use API to set your costs. Learn more in API documentation.

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