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Malfunction diagnostic helps to check the Roistat performance and find the sources of malfunction.

How to launch the malfunction diagnostic

  1. Open the Roistat project.
  2. Click the  icon in the upper left part of the screen. 
  3. Open the Troubleshooting tab:

  4. Mark the categories you want to check. If you want to check all the categories, activate the Select all box:

  5. Click the Run diagnostics button.  

    The messages about the results of diagnostics are displayed near the names of Roistat functions:

The icon near the name of the Roistat function displays the type of the message: 

  • No errors.
  • Non-critical errors found. 
  • Unable to check the workability of the function. It means that the function is not activated and not used. 
  • Critical errors found.  
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