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The majority of Roistat services use the data received from the integrated CRM. Thus, the process of changing the CRM is very important. 

In this article, we will describe what happens with your Roistat project when you change the CRM. 

There are 3 steps of changing the CRM: 

  1. At first, you disconnect the current integration.
  2. After that, your Roistat project is not connected to any CRM for a while.
  3. Then, you connect the new CRM.

Let's watch through these steps.   

What happens when you disconnect the current integration

To disconnect the current integration:

  1. Open the Integrations list
  2. Open the integrated CRM settings.
  3. Disconnect the integration by clicking the switcher: 

What happens with your Roistat project after you disconnect the integration


Connected data

Will the connected data be deleted?



Integration settings


After reconnecting the same CRM, you should configure the Roistat project again. 


The data on calls and deals that were loaded within the disconnected integration


Leads IDs and statistics will not be displayed. 

Multichannel analytics

Summary report

Lead hunter

Call tracking

Bid manager

Clients management

Clients list

Data on visits

Data on orders 


The data will be saved. However, when you click the client ID, his CRM account won't be opened.

Integrations→ Sent leads

The list of deals and leads that are saved in Roistat 


The link is not displayed

The link will be available again after configuring and saving the new integration.

(warning) After reconnecting the integration, its creation date will be changed. 

What happens when the Rositat project is not connected to any CRM

If the disconnected integration supported the proxying of the deals

While the integration is not selected, the deals and leads from the website will not be created in Roistat and CRM.

If the disconnected integration did not support the proxying of the deals

Deals and leads will be created in CRM just like before the integration was disconnected.

In both situations, there will be no data on leads and deals in Roistat. 

What happens when you connect the new integration

To connect the new integration, open the Integrations section and select the new integration.

To learn more about configuring the different types of integrations, read these guides.

After the new integration will be configured, the leads and deals will be displayed in Roistat. 

How to save the deals from earlier CRM

After you connect the new CRM, the deals from earlier CRM are not displayed. 

To display the information about the deals from earlier CRM, open Settings → Experimental and enable the Use deals from earlier integrations option:

(warning) You should enable this option before deactivating the earlier integration. Otherwise, the leads and deals from the earlier integration will be deleted. 

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