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Google Merchant Center and your Roistat Project

Add Google Merchant Center to your Roistat project to automatically tag Google advertisements with the Roistat tags and get the information about the costs of tagged advertisements. To learn more about Roistat tag, read Link tagging article. 

Roistat tag looks the following way:

roistat=merchant[channel id]_{network}_{adgroupid}_{product_channel}:{product_language}:{product_country}:{product_id}&roistat_referrer={placement}&roistat_pos={adposition},


  • [channel id] is a number of the marketing channel in the Roistat project;

  • parameters in {} brackets are ValueTrack parameters that will be automatically replaced by values after following the tagged link; 

Illustration: {lpurl}?roistat=merchant5_{network}_{adgroupid}_{product_channel}:{product_language}:{product_country}:{product_id}&roistat_referrer={placement}&roistat_pos={adposition}

{lpurl} parameter is changed to the end URL of the item.

For example, if advertisement URL is http://site.ru/tproduct/111, the tracking temptate 


will change to 


and parameters in {} brackets will be automatically replaced by values after following the tagged link. 

Step 1. Add the Channel to your Roistat Project

(warning) Users with only read access rights cannot add marketing channels
(warning) Google Merchant Center account is linked with Google AdWords account, so you need to authorize in Google AdWords to add Google Merchant Center channel. 

  1. Open Integrations list in your Roistat project.
  2. Select the Google Merchant Center in Marketing channels group and click the Connect button. Roistat will ask you to select the Google AdWords account linked with Google Merchant Center.
  3. Select the desired account.
  4. Grant Roistat access to your Google AdWords account data. After that, you will see the channel configuration page.

Step 2. Channel Configuration

  1.  Click the Advanced settings button on marketing channel configuration page:

    Specify the values of the following parameters: 

    • Name – the name of the marketing channel in Roistat;

    • VAT – VAT in percents (unnecessary field); 

    • Commission – commission of your agency (unnecessary field);

    • Discount – discount from the advertising platform (unnecessary field);

    • Unique marks for ads – unique UTM parameter in advertisement link used instead of the Roistat tag. Learn more in How to configure the marketing channel without using the Roistat tag article. 

  2. Click the Save button.
  3. All campaigns from Google AdWords will connect to your Roistat profile, as all new campaigns automatically connect to Roistat by default.
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