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This Glossary includes a complete list of metrics (business performance indicators) used for web analytics in Roistat.

Common economic metrics

CPC (Cost per Click)

Indicates an average amount you earn each time a user clicks on your ad, banner or link.


A contact of a potential customer (a person or entity) that expresses an interest in your goods or services.

CPL (Cost per lead)

Indicates an average cost per lead and is used to measure the cost-effectiveness of your ads.

CPO (Cost per order)

The ratio of advertising costs to the number of leads. Both this indicator and CPC are used to measure the profitability of some advertising channels or types of ads.

ROI (Rate of interest)

Return on investment. It’s the benefit to the owner of money resulting from lending his money to an economic unit for a certain period of time.

In Roistat Analytics, the formula of ROI is as follows:

ROI = (Profit – Cost) / Cost * 100%

CTR (Click-through rate)

The number of users who click on you ad out of the total number of times the ad is shown.


A method of website interface testing. When testing, different users are shown different versions of a web page. In contrast with A/B testing, split-testing allows you to test more than two variations of website elements.

Roistat metrics


Unique website visitors. We use different parameters for visitor tracking and it allows to obtain more accurate statistics on unique and returning visitors.

Leads conversion

The ratio of Leads to Visits.


Leads conversion = Leads / Visits * 100%


The visitors who left their contact information or contacted the manager by themselves.

Sales conversion

The ratio of Sales to Leads.

Sales conversion = Sales / Leads * 100%

Potential sales

The visitors who ordered products or services on a website. The corresponding deal status is “In process”.


The visitors who paid for their orders. The corresponding deal status is “Paid”.


The amount obtained from the deals that have status “Paid”.

Potential Revenue

The amount obtained from the deals that have status “Paid” and “In process”.

First cost

First cost is obtained from the following sources:

1.       From the corresponding field in CRM if the field exists and its value is not null;

2.       From the corresponding field in CRM if an additional field (different from a standard CRM “First cost” field) is chosen;

3.       The percentage specified in a project settings is subtracted from Profit, if there isn’t both standard “First cost” field and an additional one.


The difference between Revenue and First cost.

Profit = Revenue - First cost

Average profit

Sum of Profit divided by the number of Leads.

Average profit = Profit / Number of Leads

Net profit

The difference between Profit and Cost.

Net profit = Revenue – First cost – Cost

Average revenue

The ratio of Revenue to Leads.

Average revenue = Revenue / Number of Leads


The amount you spend on advertising channels. See “Ad channels” section.


The number of multi-channel deals; the users that visited the website more than once and from different advertising channels before concluding а deal.

Multichannel (%)

The percentage of multi-channel deals relative to the total number of deals.

Absolute conversion

The ratio of Sales to Visits.

Absolute conversion = Sales / Visits * 100%

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