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Use webhooks to get your leads data gathered by the Lead Hunter and JivoSite, or call parameters extracted by the Calltracking. You can manipulate the received data at your own discretion. For example, the data can be imported to your CRM or 1C.

How it works

When the triggering action is completed, the data is sent as GET to the URL from the Lead handler URL setting. This setting is available for Custom CRM and 1C:Enterprise.

Triggering actions are as follows:


Event typeDescription
Lead from the Lead HunterData is sent if the Lead Hunter notification option "automatically to the CRM" is enabled
Call from the Calltracking

Data is sent after calling a substitute phone number from the Calltracking

 NOTE: only first client call parameters are imported to CRM; a client recall data isn't sent

Leads from JivoSite integrationData is sent if you configured JivoSite integration


Data is sent in GET-requests and available through the $_GET array. E.g., the id property is received through $_GET['id'] .

id90ID of the lead
visit12852The visit number when the lead information was squeezed

Call from 79990001122

Hunted lead: 79990001122

 JivoSite Lead

The lead phone number from the Calltracking

The lead phone number from the Lead Hunter

The lead phone number from JivoSite


Capture form info: 79990001133

Promocode: 1674

Squeeze page: http://site.ru

Export date: 17:22 15.04.2015

Extra information about the lead. Usually sent as the deal comment.

The substitute phone number is included for Calltracking leads.

nameIvanThe value of the Name field from the capture form



The phone number dialed or the lead contact phone number from the Phone field on the capture form
emailemail@mail.ruUsed for the e-mail address field from the JivoSite chat form

Used for the Lead Hunter.

data is JSON, where the key is page and the value is the squeeze page URL
created_date2015-06-28 09:12:54The exact time and date when the Roistat server received the lead data (UTC +3 Europe/Moscow)

It is used for authorization procedure and generated out of the integration login and password.

md5('username' + 'password')


How to set up

1. Open Settings  Integrations (for Custom or 1C:Enterprise) and input the webhook URL to send the data into the Lead handler URL field. We'll use the URL http://site.ru/webhook.php as an example.



2. Into the page mentioned above, insert the script to receive GET-requests and process them.


The response from the webhook URL is to contain ok and deal ID. If the webhook URL doesn't return a response code, the data will be re-sent every few minutes.

See the example of the lead data request script (for the Lead Hunter) below:

if (array_key_exists('id', $_GET)) {
	$leadId = $_GET['id']; // Lead ID, e.g. "123"
    $leadTitle = $_GET['title']; // The title, e.g.: "Hunted lead": 79111234567"
	$leadText = $_GET['text']; // Lead capture form text, e.g.: "79111234567"
    $roistatVisit = $_GET['visit']; // The visit number, the value of cookie roistat_visit, e.g.: "1234"
	$getPage = json_decode($_GET['data']); // data is json, where the key is page and the value is the squeeze page URL
	$page = $getPage->{'page'}; // Squeeze page URL, e.g.: "http://site.ru"
	// Here, the target action is initiated. E.g., export to your CRM.
	// If the data transfer succeeded, ok and deal ID will return. Provided that the response isn't sent, the data will be sent to the configured page every few minutes.
    exit(json_encode(array("status" => "ok", "order_id" => $orderId)));

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