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Roistat Calltracking helps to track the calls received by your managers.

Why should you use the Roistat Calltracking?

By tracking the calls of your clients, you can define the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and see how much money you spent on these campaigns.

After this, you can reduce unnecessary marketing costs and invest more money for efficient marketing campaigns. 

Eventually, the marketing effectiveness will rise, clients will make more purchases and you will earn more money. 

How Roistat Calltracking works?

Roistat Calltracking substitutes the phone numbers and readdresses the calls.  

When a client visits your website, instead of your company phone number he sees the substitute Roistat number linked to his visit via promo-code. After the client dials the substitute number, Roistat readdresses the call to the phone number of your company. After this, Roistat gathers all the data about this call, including the information about the marketing channel that attracted the client to your website.

Eventually, you see who, where, when and via which marketing channel visits your website and makes purchases. After this, you will redistribute your marketing costs and make your business more effective.

How to configure the Roistat Calltracking

The stages of the Roistat Calltracking configuration are described in the Scenario chapter. Then follows the description of the number substitution and readdressing. In the Summary report chapter, Roistat Calltracking reports are described. In the Advanced scenario settings chapter, we will show how to set up the static and dynamic calltracking and how to send the information about the call to CRM and Google Analytics. 

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