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To access the Branding settings, click on your login in the upper right corner of the window, open the Profile section and click on the Branding tab:

With the help of the Branding feature you can:

  • Add the logo of your company:

  • Use your domain to utilize Roistat service:
  • Add your brand's name into the SMS-report:

Own Domain Usage

If you want to open the Roistat profile using the address of your company, add CNAME-record with cloud.roistat.com parameter for your domain in DNS settings. The dot at the end of the server name is required parameter except for the case when your control panel adds this dot by default. You must create this record in servers you delegate your domain. You must wait several hours before changes in DNS settings will take effect. 

DNS data update could take anywhere from several hours to several days. We do not recommend to change DNS records several times a day. 

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