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The primary objective of Roistat service is to process the data from your CRM, website or marketing platform and form up the reports to analyze the performance of your business.  

To start using the Roistat service, install our tracking code to your website and connect the CRM/CMS system or marketing channel. After the data is loaded from these sources, it can be analyzed. 

Demo data

Demo project

After you registered in Roistat, the project with demo data will be created. We recommend you to use this demo project to learn about our system before creating the project with real data. For example, you can learn about reports in the Analytics section. 

In the Integrations List, you can see all the services that are available for integration with Roistat, watch the examples of connected marketing channels and demo-statistics by campaigns. 

Demo project will help you to learn about Roistat interface and practice in configuring and managing the Roistat service. 

(информация) The project with demo data is free, so you do not need to delete it. 

To upload the demo data, click the Upload demo data button in the Project Settings section:

How to create your project

  1. The real project can be created on the basis of a demo project or by adding the new blank project. 
    In the first case, you should delete the demo data, otherwise, the information from the outside services will not be loaded.
    To delete the demo data and make the project blank, click the Remove demo data button:

    To create a new project, click the Create new project button:
  2. Name the project and specify its currency:

    (warning) Roistat project and  CRM / CMS project should have the same currency. 
    (информация)A project will cost money in case if there was at least one visit within the last 30 days.
  3. Save changes.

After the project is created, configure the basic settings to start using the Roistat business analytics system.

Install the Roistat tracking code

Roistat tracking code is needed to gather the data about customers' visits on your website. Roistat tracking code gathers the following data about the visit: marketing source. keyphrase, landing page, city, device, browser, etc.

Tracking code links all these parameters with one visit number, that is bound to each visitor of your website. It works the following way: tracking code adds the roistat_visit parameter in the browser's cookie, and each unique visitor of the website receives the unique visit number, that is recorded in the variable roistat_visit

The information from the tracking code is used in Roistat analytical reports. All visits on the website are recorded by the tracking code and displayed in Analytics. However, before the integration with CRM and marketing channel, reports will contain only base information about the visits, such as landing page, city, device, etc.

(warning) Roistat tracking code should be installed in every integration of Roistat with CRM.

Roistat tracking code is unique for each project. To find the tracking code of your project, open Settings→Tracking code:

To learn more about tracking code installation, read this article

Integrate your CRM or CMS with Roistat

CRM or CMS contains the information about clients, leads from the website and deals. To start analyzing the incomes and effectiveness of your website, link the clients, leads, and deals with visits. 

The list of indicators of analytical reports and formulas that calculate some of the indicators are available in Glossary

To connect the CRM or CMS, read this article.

If you cant find your CRM or CMS in the integrations list, contact our support service.

Connect the marketing channel 

You must connect the marketing channel to load the information about its cost. After this, you can track the sources of income and costs, analyze their effectiveness and get rid of useless marketing channels.

You can watch through the statistics of marketing channel up to the key phrase. За счет интеграции Roistat c CRM/CMS и рекламными каналами можно просматривать статистику по каналу вплоть до ключевой фразы:

If you dont know how to add the marketing channel, read this article.

Private marketing channels

If you have a private marketing channel, tag it manually, and it will appear in Analytics. Read more in this article.

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