The usage of the Roistat analytical system allows you to increase the profitability of your business and decrease marketing costs. 

Here is the list of Roistat services:

Integration with CRM/CMS systems and with other services

To gather and analyze the information about your business performance, Roistat can be integrated with many services. The list of integrations is constantly being updated.


To rate and analyze the effectiveness of your business, Roistat gathers the data from more than 30 indicators. Our analytical reports are useful and informative.  

You can track not only the effectiveness of marketing channels but also your company's posts on the internet-forums and price comparison websites. 

You can form up the reports on the important business indicators and export them to Microsoft Excel. 

In the calendar of events, you can mark the days of launching the marketing campaigns from Analytics reports. You can also estimate how marketing campaigns affect the performance of your business. 

If the automatic uploading of costs from marketing channels is unavailable, enter this data manually. Если автоматическая загрузка расходов из рекламных каналов невозможна, вводите эти данные вручную.

Multichannel Analytics

The reports on several visits from different marketing channels may be inaccurate. To solve this problem, Roistat developed the Multichannel Analytics service. Using the Multichannel Analytics, you can form up the report that will show you the information about the profitability of marketing channels which are utilized in the chain of visits before the creation of lead. 

With the help of Multichannel Analytics, you can make the right decision about the benefits of the marketing channel, even if it seemed non-effective at first glance.

Cohort Analysis

Using the Cohort Analysis, you can analyze the indicators of your business by the unique groups of clients and display the patterns that are hard to see in the common Analytics reports.  

For example, the common Analytics report says that the number of sales is increased in a certain period, and this period coincides with the period of a special offer. With the help of the Cohort Analysis, you can see that the sales were made to the regular customers, and the number of sales to the new customers is not increased.  


With the help of Split-testing, you can compare the profitability of the different versions of your website pages. You can change the key phrases, the structure and the appearance of the elements. Roistat gathers the data on business indicators for every version of the webpage and shows it in a useful form.

Bid Manager

Roistat Bid Manager automatically selects the optimal rates for marketing campaigns based on the performance of your company. It helps to make the marketing campaigns more effective and increases the number of leads from your clients.

Also, Roistat Bid Manager will save the time you were spending on monitoring and manual configuration of bids.

Clients management

Using the Clients management, you can load the list of clients from the integrated CRM/CMS systems.

Form up the segments of clients for different business objectives using the set of filters.

Save the values of parameters for filters and enter the name of the segment to repeatedly form up the lists of clients for business objectives.

Export the lists of clients by segments to Microsoft Excel.


With the help of Roistat calltracking, you can track the sources of the leads that were created from the phone calls. 

Dynamic calltracking tracks the sources of leads to within the keyword, and static calltracking the sources of leads to within the marketing channel. 

Configure the calltracking scenario so Roistat gets the information about the source of the lead for every incoming call. This information will be displayed in summary reports and in the history of calls.

Configure the creation of leads in CRM and transmission of the information on calls to Google Analytics.


With the help of Roistat calltracking, you can track the sources of the leads that were created from the emails. 

Configure the emailtracking parameters so Roistat automatically checks your email, receives the information about the sources of leads and creates the leads in CRM.

Lead hunter

The lead hunter appears on your website when a customer is going to leave it. The lead hunter will ask the contacts of this customer and offer the callback.  

The notifications about the leads from a lead hunter can be sent by e-mail, Telegram or CRM, so you can contact the customers promptly. 

The information on leads from a lead hunter is displayed in Roistat.