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  1. Log in to Bitrix24 and open the CRM→ Settings → Form and report settings → Custom fields:
    Image Modified

  2. Click the Add Field button in the Lead section:
    Image Modified


  3. Enter roistat in the Name field and choose the String in the Type dropdown list:
    Image Modified

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the Deal section.

  5. Click the Save button.

(warning) The additional field should be named roistat, otherwise, the integration won't work.


On this step, you can assign responsible managers for deals:

8. Client management

On this step, you can enable companies to be used as clients in Roistat. By default, Roistat uses contacts as clients.

To activate this option, drag the switcher: 
Image Modified

Step 3. Configure the automatic transfer of leads to CRM

We recommend configuring the transfer of deals to CRM via Roistat. In this case, the deal will be firstly sent to Roistat, and then Roistat will send them to CRM. To learn more about the advantages of this way of leads transfer, read this article

If you already configured the transfer of leads using the code, you shall fill in the additional field roistat with the value of cookie roistat_visit.

You can receive the value of this cookie using this code: 

Code Block
$roistatVisitId = array_key_exists('roistat_visit', $_COOKIE) ? $_COOKIE['roistat_visit'] : "unknown";

Verifying the performance

  1. Create the lead on the website.
  2. Open the Integration list in your project. 
  3. Find the


  1. Bitrix24(leads+deals) integration and click the Configure button. 
  2. Click the Sent leads button and find the lead you created.
  3. Check if the visit number is specified in the Promo code field.  
  4. Find the successful status of the lead (Image Modified) is in the Sent field.
  5. Find the new lead with the visit number in your CRM.