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Integration with CMS Wordpress (that has installed WooCommerce plugin) allows loading the data of the primary fields of the deals to Roistat.

(информация) You can connect only one Wordpress website within one integration. 

Step 1. Install the plugin for integration with Roistat 

  1. Download the archive with the plugin for integration.
  2. Log in to your WordPress account and open Admin → Plugins → Add the new plugin → Upload plugin. 
  3. Select the archive with the plugin and click the Install button.
  4. After unpacking and installing the plugin, click the Activate plugin button. 

Step 2. Configure the plugin for integration with Roistat 

  1. In your WordPress account, open WooCommerce → Settings → Integration. If there are several integrations installed, go to Integration with Roistat.
  2. Specify the ID of your Roistat project.

  3. Click the Save changes button. 

  4. Open WooCommerce → Settings→ Additional settings → Rest API.
  5. Click the Generate API key button.

Connect the WooCommerce in the Roistat integrations catalog

  1. Open the Integrations in your Roistat project.  Каталог интеграций.
  2. Select the WooCommerce and click the Connect button.
  3. Enter the URL of your website in the URL field. 
  4. Enter the key you generated on step 2 in the User key field. 
  5. Enter the code you generated on step 2 in the Secret code field.  
  6. Click the Save button. Сохранить.
    Statuses of the deals from WordPress will be loaded. 
  7. Distribute the statuses of the deals by groups. Learn more in this article

(warning) Roistat can load only the value by deals only from the roistat field. Other additional fields cannot be loaded from WordPress.