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The purpose of verification

Verification of the requests for duplicates filters the repeated requests. It is needed for creating accurate statistical reports and for deleting the unnecessary data from CRM.

Verification mechanism

Roistat verifies only requests received from CRM

New deals are linked with contacts sent to CRM from Roistat

If Roistat received the duplicate request within an hour after creating of the original request, the duplicate request will not be sent to CRM and will be marked as "duplicate" in any case (even if you delete the original request or change its status). This is because Roistat is synchronizing with connected CRM once per hour. 

Two ways of verification

Standard verification

Algorithm of the standard verification for duplicates:


After the receiving of the new request, Roistat begins to verify the requests received within the last 12 hours. If there are no duplicates among these requests, Roistat verifies the deals created within the last 30 days with "In work" status. 

The following fields of requests are verified for the full matching: Request title (name), Client's name, Phone number, Email, Visit number, and additional fields.  

Requests with similar field values (Title, Client's name, Phone number, Email, Visit number) are counted as duplicates and not recorded in the Roistat project.

Similar requests with different values of additional fields are counted as duplicates too. 

Phone numbers with different formats (1-541-XXX-XXX, 001-541-XXX-XXX)  are counted as similar. 

You don't have to check up paid and canceled deals, as a client can visit your website and place or cancel his order several times.

To verify the deals only in status group "In work", add parameter 'is_need_check_order_in_processing' => '1' to the script that sends requests to CRM. After that, Roistat will not create a request if a client with the same contacts sends a request with status from "In work" status group.  

To clarify which statuses belong to "In work" status group, open Integrations list, find your CRM and click the Configure button. You will see deal statuses distributed by Roistat status groups: 

When a request comes from call-tracking, Roistat searches the requests with the same status and phone number. The new request will not be created if it has the same status and phone number as one of the previously created requests.

Custom verification

Custom verification is much useful than the standard verification, as it tracks the requests by additional parameters and for a longer period (up to 90 days, while standard verification tracks the requests only for last 12 hours). 

Algorithm of the custom verification:

How to configure the custom verification:

  1. Open Integrations list in your Roistat project.
  2. Find your CRM or CRM and click the Configure button.
  3. In the upper part of the configuration page click the Configuring the verification for duplicates: 

  4.  Click the Turn on duplicate verification button, so Roistat could verify the requests by parameters stated below:

    In this case, verification rules from the beginning of the article do not count. 

    If you activate the verification by email and phone number, the request is counted as duplicate if it matches to the previously created request even by one parameter (email or phone number).

    You can activate the Create a task in current deal and Add a comment to current deal buttons only in Custom Verification.

  5. If you click the With the same email button, Roistat will not register the requests received from clients whose email address is already specified in the Roistat project. 

  6. If you click the With the same phone buttonRoistat will not register the requests received from clients whose phone number is already specified in the Roistat project. 

  7. In the Custom Verification, titles are not counted. The request will be marked as duplicate if titles are different, but the conditions of paragraph 5 and paragraph 6 are fulfilled.  

  8. Specify lifetime of verified deals in For what period you want to take into account the leads? section. The maximum period is 90 days.

  9. If you activate the button with the name of the deal status in Leads in what statuses you want to verify? section, the incoming deal will be counted as duplicate if it has the specified deal status and fulfills the conditions of paragraph 5 and paragraph 6.

    You need to specify at least one status

  10. Click the Save button.

Roistat compares the incoming requests with all requests in the project that fulfill the conditions of paragraph 5paragraph 6 and paragraph 9.

Parameter 'is_need_check_order_in_processing' => '0' is not used in Custom Verification.

If the specified period in paragraph 8 is 0 (0= 90 days) and during the verification Roistat finds the identical deal with the status specified in paragraph 9, the incoming deal will be counted as duplicate and will not be registered in your project. In this case, you will lose the deals that should be added to the project. Specification of the period in paragraph 8 will solve this problem. Deals that are identical to those deals that are already registered in the project will not be counted as duplicates.

Duplicate deals are displayed with Duplicate mark in the Status section. 

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