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Substitution numbers are used to track the marketing source of calls.

Different substitution numbers phone numbers are used for different users and for different marketing channels depending on the calltracking type. 

Configured phone numbers are displayed in the Numbers column of the Calltracking section.

The table has the following columns:

  • Number – substituted number;

  • Scenario  – scenario name;

  • Calls – the number of calls dialed on the number;

  • Date of connection – the date when the number was connected to the calltracking.

Numbers in the table can be filtered by the following categories:

  • All numbers – all numbers without filters;

  • Used – numbers used in the scenario;

  • Free – numbers that are not added to the scenario.

How numbers are reserved for users

Substitution numbers are given to each new user of your website. Substitution number is reserved for the user for the duration of his visit and during the 2.5 minutes after the user left the website.

To increase the time of reservation the number for users, contact our support service or your personal manager.

After the reservation time is increased, you will need more phone numbers. 

Покупка номера вне сценария

Substitution numbers can be added in the Numbers tab of the Calltracking section. 

 To do it, click the Add numbers button.

1. Specify the phone numbers. To configure your number, read the How to connect the phone number to the Roistat calltracking

2. Click the Buy or Connect button to add the selected numbers. 

Substitution numbers management

Substitution numbers may be:

  • added to the scenario by selecting the needed parahraph in the Select the scenario menu. 

  • removed from the scenario by clicking the Remove from scenario button.

  • deleted from the calltracking scenario forever by clicking the Delete number button.

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