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In static calltracking, one marketing source is linked with one substitution number. When a client calls this number, the marketing source is defined automatically, and the information about this marketing source is saved in your business analytics system. 

Thus, using static calltracking you can track the calls only up to the marketing channel.

Using static calltracking, you can track the calls made from online and offline marketing channels. In comparison with dynamic calltracking, static calltracking covers a wide range of marketing sources.  

(warning) When using static calltracking, the marketing source will be transmitted to the Marketing channel column.

Online marketing

In online marketing, static calltracking can be used in the following situations: 

  • When you need to link the substitution number with the source that leads to your website. These sources are SEO Google and Organic. When the customer visits your website, the source of the visit defines automatically, and visitors sees the substitution number linked to the given source. 
    (отметить) You can use the static calltracking for popular Youtube channels. 
  • When you use marketing platforms through which people can learn about your company (such as Ebay or Amazon).

Offline marketing

Using static calltracking, you can also track the calls from offline marketing sources, such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, leafletes, and so on. 

Tracking the marketing source

In offline marketing, one number is linked with one marketing source, so it is easy to track from which billboard or leaflet the client found out the number of your company. 

(отметить) For example, you hand out two kinds of leaflets and you want to find out which of them is more profitable. Link phone number 1 to the first kind of leaflets and phone number 2 to the second type of leaflets. After this, you can compare the statistics on two types of leaflets and find out which of them is more profitable. 

Configuring the marketing source

Marketing sources for each type of calltracking are specified in the Expanded settings for scenario on step 4 Select the type of calltracking.  

Then, select the Static type of calltracking and specify the marketing channel in the Advertising source field. Save changes. 

(информация) Static calltracking allows to track only one marketing source. 

In static calltracking, you can specify any word or phrase for each marketing channel. After dialing this call, you will see this word or phrase in your CRM. 


Marketing sourceDescription

For advertising on a billboard in Boston on Acorn street


For phone number specified in the red leaflet

flyer_greenFor phone number specified in the greed leaflet

You should specify one of several values in the Advertising source field:

  • the value of the roistat tag that belongs to the webpage for which you want to substitute the phone number;

  • the value of the utm tag that belongs to the webpage for which you want to substitute the phone number. Before that, you should add the :utm: value in the Advertising source field. 

The roistat tag for the first of the connected marketing channels should contain the channel name and ID of this channel without any delimiters. 

(информация) The number will be substituted when the tag of the marketing channel is included in the roistat tag of the webpage that was visited by the user. 

For example, if you specify the adwords1 value in the Advertising source field, the following happens: 

For example:

Marketing channelDescription

For advertisements on Amazon 


Direct visits


For your Google Adwords account.

The number after adwords is the ID of the channel in Roistat. 


For visits from Google


For Facebook group


The number will be displayed only for webpage visits, for example, website.com/?utm_source=google

:utm:google_cpcThe number will be displayed only for webpage visits, for example, website.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc

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