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Statuses from CRM should be distributed by Roistat groups to: 

  • Load the deals from CRM.
    After saving the CRM access data, statuses of the deals from CRM automatically go to the Not included group, and deals with statuses from the Not included group are not loaded to the Analytics reports:
  • Calculate the business indicators of the Analytics reports properly.  

There are two kinds of indicators in the Analytics: achieved indicators and projected indicators.

Achieved indicators are calculated on the basis of the Paid group. These indicators are Sales, Revenue, Average profit, etc.

Projected indicators are calculated on the basis of the In work and Paid groups. These indicators are Projected sales, Projected revenue, Projected average profit, etc. 

To learn more about these indicators, read this article

(warning) The Stage assignment step is necessary. If you do not distribute the statuses by groups, Roistat business analytics will be inconclusive. 

How to group up the statuses

Open the CRM/CMS integration settings in your Roistat project and distribute the statuses by groups on the Loading deals from CRM: stage assignment stage.

There are four groups of statuses:

Group of statusesDescription

Not included

Place here the statuses you don't want to include in the reports.

In workActive deals 


Paid deals or deals that are guaranteed to be paid


Canceled deals

(warning) The paid deal will not go in the "Sales" section of the Analytics if its status is not in the Paid group. That's why we recommend you to place all the statuses that can be related to the paid deals to the Paid status group. 

(warning) If the status was transferred from one status group to another one during the work process, rebuild the Analytics table to refresh the data. 

How to update the statuses from CRM

If the statuses from CRM were changed and they were not loaded to Roistat, you should:
1. Open the integration settings and place all the statuses to the Not included group. 
2. Refresh the page (F5).
3. Redistribute the statuses to the related statuses groups. 

If you have any problems while updating the statuses, contact our support service

How to take into account the first cost

By default, Roistat takes into account the First cost only for the Paid status group. However, you can make the First cost to be taken into account as Profit in the In work and Cancelled statuses groups. 

To do it, click the cog button near the name of the statuses group and activate the Take into account the first cost button:

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