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You can contact the Roistat support service anytime, and our managers will help you to solve any technical problem you have encountered while working with Roistat service.

How to contact our support service

Step 1. Click the Contact support button in the upper part of the screen:

or click the Support button in the left part of the screen. Then, click the Write a message button:

Step 2. In the opened window, specify the subject of the ticket:

Step 3. Read the FAQ for the selected topic. If you still have questions, click the appropriate button:

Step 4. In the opened window, select the project you want to enquire about. Then, give our manager access to your project, specify the subject of the request and describe your problem:

If you need to attach a file, click the appropriate button. In the end, click the Send the request button.


Can I ask several questions in one ticket?

If you have several questions, it is better to make a ticket for every question so we could help you much faster. 

Where can I see my tickets?

All your tickets are saved. You can see them in the Support section:

All tickets are displayed in a table with the following information:

  • Status of the ticket (open or closed)
  • Subject of the ticket
  • Ticket ID
  • Project number
  • Name and surname of the responsible manager
  • Creation date
  • Date of the last update

How can I see the details of a ticket?

To see the details of a ticket, click on the ticket in the table:

You will see the detailed information about the ticket:

How can I edit the ticket?

You cannot edit the ticket, but you can add the comment with the additional information or add the new file:

How can I delete the ticket?

You cannot delete the ticket, but you can close it at any time.

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