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 To use the substitution number in the Roistat calltracking, you need:

  • To readdress the number to the SIP URL pbx.roistat.com.

  • To transmit to Roistat the number of the caller (A-number).

Connection settings

Step 1. Configure the readdressing of calls from your number to SIP account from Roistat 

To do it,

  1. Enter the account of your substitution numbers provider.
  2. As the destination for readdressing of call, specify the Roistat SIP account in the following format: your number @pbx.roistat.com .

Example: 1231111111@pbx.roistat.com, where 11231111111 is the number you want to add. 

(warning) The active reverse is not available. Thus, you need to get from your provider if the passive reverse on the SIP account is available.

Step 2. Add your numbers to the Roistat 

There are two ways this can be done:

 1. Configuring the number in the scenari
  1. Go to Calltracking    Scenarios.
  2. On step 1 Connect phone numbers click the Add phone numbers button and specify one or several phone numbers. 
  3. Save changes and go to step 3 of this instruction.

information (i) If phone numbers are connected to the new scenario, they will be substituted on the website only after scenario activation. 

information (i) If you use the active scenario, the substitution of phone numbers will start after you save the scenario by clicking the Save scenario button. 

information (i) The subscription fee for using your own number will be charged after you click the Save without enabling button or after you activate the scenario. 

information (i) Phone numbers can be displayed in the Calltracking   Numbers section. 

 2. Connecting the phone number directly
  1. Go to Calltracking → Numbers.
  2. Click the Add numbers button, select the Add own numbers and specify one or several numbers.  
  3. To add the numbers to your project, click the Connect button. After this, the subscription fee will be written off from your balance. 

Phone number formats

Phone numbers should be specified in the following format:

  • 19995555555 (without spaces);

  • Go to Calltracking  Numbers.
  • Click the Add numbers, select the Add own numbers and specify one or several phone numbers. 
  • The phone number should contain 11 digitals.

  • The phone numbers should be listed in the field using commas with spaces.

(warning) If at least one of the phone numbers is specified wrong, Roistat will not connect all of them, and you will see an error message.

(warning) Number duplication is impossible. Roistat will not connect the duplicated numbers. 

Step 3. Activate the scenario with your phone numbers. 

To make Roistat track the calls dialed on the added numbers, connect them the scenario and activate this scenario. 

Read more in Scenario and Substitution numbers

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