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Add your Google AdWords to a Roistat project in order to automatically export keywords costs.

To do this, you should:

  1. Firstly, link your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts;
  2. Secondly, add the Google AdWords marketing channel in Roistat;
  3. Tag the corresponding advertisements with the rs tag (see more in Link tagging)


In Google AdWords and Google Analytics, the currency type should be RUB (Russian Ruble).

Step 1. Link your Google Analytics and AdWords

Read a detailed guide about how to link your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts.


The Auto-tagging feature should be enabled. You can check whether auto-tagging is on by clicking the gear icon  Account settings → Preferences → the Tracking section  Auto-tagging YES:

Learn more about AdWords tagging here.

Step 2. Add your AdWords to Roistat

1. In Roistat, open Settings  Marketing Channels and click the Add a channel button next to the channel name:


2. Confirm that you allow connecting the channel to Roistat by clicking Continue:

3. Once you click Continue, the marketing channel will be added. It's necessary to be logged in to your Google Analytics account. Otherwise you'll be asked to enter your username and password:

4. On the next page, choose a Google AdWords profile name from the Profile dropdown and confirm the integration by clicking Add.

Step 3. Tag the ads

1. It's crucial to tag all AdWords advertisements with the Roistat rs tag for the integration to work correctly.

The rs tag is displayed in your AdWords settings in Roistat.

rs tags are unique for each AdWords channel. Use the exact rs tag that you see when opening the corresponding page:

Google AdWords Editor is a great and easy-to-use tool for managing your ads. You can download it here.

2. In Google AdWords Editor, open the campaign you wish to tag and select all the advertisements.

If your campaign contains different links, use the Advanced URL changes feature. On opening the Advanced URL changes dialog box, tick the Append this text to each URL option, enter the Roistat rs tag and apply the changes by clicking Change URLs.

If your campaign contains similar links, enter the Roistat rs tag into the Destination URL field.

3. To apply the changes described, click Post Changes or press Ctrl + P:

Below are the examples of tagging different kinds of links:




If you use other tags, read Link tagging.

Step 4. Customize marketing channel

When the marketing channel has been added, you should customize it.

To do this, click the Advanced settings button on your new channel page and set up the following parameters:

  • Name: the name of the marketing channel in Roistat;
  • VAT: value added tax, % (optional);
  • Commission: your ad agency fee (optional);
  • Discount: advertising platform discount, if any (optional).

To save the settings, press Save.

Step 5. Add marketing campaigns

By default, all your Google Adwords campaigns are connected to Roistat. Moreover, all new Google Adwords campaigns can be automatically added as well.

There is a switch to the left of the campaign name. Move it rightwards to connect a campaign.

You can leave some campaigns disconnected if you wish them to be excluded from Roistat statistics.


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