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Add your Facebook marketing channel to your Roistat project in order to automatically calculate costs and ROI.

With Roistat-Facebook integration you can configure Instagram ads.

You don't need to add those Facebook marketing channels that have no relation to your Roistat project.

One Facebook account can be connected to several Roistat projects, however, one Facebook marketing channel can be linked only to one Roistat project.

Technical aspects:

1) Ads can be of 2 types only: "Send people to your website" or "Increase conversions on your website":

2) You should have administrator access to your Ads manager account.

3) If the ad is connected to any Facebook page, the Facebook account you wish to connect to Roistat should be an administrator or editor of that page.

Step 1. Add channel to Roistat

1. In Roistat, open Settings  Marketing Channels and click the Add a channel button next to the channel name:

2. Then, confirm that you allow to connect the channel to Roistat by clicking Continue:

3. Permit the Roistat access to your Facebook personal data. It's necessary to produce correct and reliable statistics.

a) If you are already logged in the Facebook, you'll be then redirected to your profile. You should allow Roistat to get access to your personal data by clicking OK and then permit the Roistat access to your marketing channels by clicking OK as well.

To cancel, press Cancel or Later.

b) If you aren't logged in the Facebook, you'll be then redirected to the login page.


Roistat will get full access to your personal data and marketing channels when you click Continue.

4. Then, you should add your Facebook marketing channel.

To do this, choose a Facebook profile name from the Profile drop-down menu and confirm the integration by clicking Add.

Step 2. Customize marketing channel

When the marketing channel has been added, you should customize it.

To do this, click the Advanced settings button on your new channel page and set up the following parameters:

  •  Name –  the name of the marketing channel in Roistat;
  •  VAT –  value added tax, % (optional);
  •  Commission –  your ad agency fee (optional);
  •  Discount –  advertising platform discount, if any (optional).

To save the settings press Save.

Step 3. Add marketing campaigns

By default, all your Facebook campaigns are connected to Roistat. Moreover, all new Facebook campaigns can be automatically added as well.

There is a switch to the left of the campaign name. Move it rightwards to connect a campaign.

You can leave some campaigns disconnected if you wish them to be excluded from Roistat statistics.

Integration with Facebook Lead Ads 

Integration with Facebook Lead Ads allows:

  • to track the leads using the ads with "lead generation" goal;
  • to load the costs on these leads to Roistat.

How to configure the Lead Ads

  1. Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager and select the campaign with the configured lead generation.
  2. Select any group of ads.
  3. Select the ad and click the Edit button.
  4. Scroll down the page to the Instant form block and click the Lead generation button. 
  5. Create a new form and click the Next button.
  6. Specify the name of the form (for example, Roistat). 
  7. Select the type of the form, go to the Questions block and click the Add new question button. Then click the Contact fields and select the necessary parameters (comment and phone number)
  8. Select the Settings and enter the information about the contact fields.
    (информация) Phone or Email fields are mandatory. 

  9. Click the Save button. Now your form will be available other groups of ads. 

Configuring the Lead Ads in Roistat

Open the Settings → Advertising channels → Facebook. Click the Configure button.

Work with Facebook Lead Ads announcements

Mark the webpages from which you want to send leads to CRM. 

(warning) You can send the data to the webhook to manually configure the additional settings of leads processing from this source. To send notifications about new leads, specify the address of the webhook processor.

 The following data will be sent: 

"title": "FB lead from «Untitled form 22.11.2019» form",
"marker": "facebook2___",
"name": "test lead: dummy data for name",
"phone": "test lead: dummy data for phone",
"email": "test@fb.com",
"comment": null,
"fields": [
    "name": "email",
    "values": [
    "name": "name",
    "values": [
      "test lead: dummy data for name"
    "name": "phone",
    "values": [
      "test lead: dummy data for phone"

(warning) WARNING: The Send to CRM button is displayed only if the Roistat account with the connected Facebook channel has the Administrator rights at least on the one webpage.  
(warning) If the tracking of leads from the webpage was activated in one Roistat project, it will be unavailable in other projects.
(warning) The same page of Facebook lead forms cannot be activated for two marketing channels within one Roistat project. 

Displaying of the Facebook Lead Ads in Roistat

You can see the leads from Facebook Lead Ads in the Sent leads section.

What happens with leads from Facebook Lead Ads after they get to Roistat:

  • the name of leads begins with FB lead from form ;
  • leads in the Roistat field will have the following promo-code: facebook{ID of the Roistat channel}_{ID of the marketing campaign}_{ID of the group of ads}_{ID of the ad};
  • the values from the fields of the form will be displayed in the contact information of the leads;
  • leads will get to the marketing channel of the Analytics with the following hierarchy: Facebook - Campaign - Group of ads - Ad.

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