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Dynamic calltracking 

Dynamic calltracking adjusts to the user and shows him the unique number of the visit.

Dynamic calltracking is used for internet marketing. Different phone numbers are shown to different unique users. So, each phone number is shown to each unique visitor of your website. 

Thanks to this individual approach, you have the possibility to analyze the customer flow and form up different segments for target auditory to increase the effectiveness of your business. 

How dynamic calltracking works? 

The client visits your website and Roistat substitutes the phone number of your company for him. The client sees the substitution number and dials it. As the data about the visit is linked with the phone number, you will see the detailed information about the client.

Different phone numbers can be dynamically substituted for one or several marketing channels. 

Dynamic calltracking allows to track the calls up to key phrases. As the visit is linked with the call automatically, you can find out how the client visited the website, which add he clicked, which key phrases he used, and so on. 

For example, a user wants to buy a sofa, makes a request and finds a sofa on your website

 How the client sees it
  1. A client enters the search request.
  2. He sees the add "Sofas with 70% discount" and clicks it. 
  3. Then he visits the website, finds a contact phone number and dials it.
 How you see it
  1. A client enters the following request in Google search: "Buy sofas cheap".
  2. He sees your add from the marketing campaign "Sofas-Boston" of the Google Adwords channel.
  3. Then he visits the website.com/catalog page of your website. The contact number of your company is substituted to 1(123)456-78-90
  4. The client dials substitution number 1(123)456-78-90
    The call goes to phonecalls@domain.company.com SIP account.
    The following information is displayed in Roistat:
    • clients' number: 1(111)2223344;
    • the number dialed by the client: 1(123)456-78-90;
    • time of the call: 14:00;
    • information about the marketing channel up to the key phrase: «Google Adwords → Sofas Boston Sofas with discountBuy a sofa cheap;
    • the website page that was visited by the client from the advertisement. 

Tracking the marketing source 

In online marketing, telephone numbers are linked with website visits, not with marketing sources. That's why different unique users see different substitution numbers. After the client visits the website, Roistat automatically links the visit number to the phone number. Thanks to it, you get the most detailed information about the visitor. 

Dynamic calltracking allows to track the calls up to key phrases. Thus, you can find out all the information about the client's visit.

For example, you use 15 substitution numbers. At 14:00, 4 clients visited your website and made calls:

  • User 1 clicked the link in Google search;

  • User 2 clicked the link in the banner on the http://website1.com website;

  • User 3 clicked the link in Google advertisement;

  • User 4 entered the name of your website in the address bar of the browser and entered the website. 

Different substitution numbers will be shown to all these users. The call will be registered in your CRM, and calltracking will link all these numbers to the visits on the website. 

(warning) Repeated calls from the came phone number to the same substitution number receive the visit number of the first call. This is made because the chance of the client will save the number and call it is much higher than if this client visits the website from another source and the same substitution number will be shown to him. 

Dynamic calltracking can be used for tracking the calls from one or several marketing channels.

Configuring the marketing source

Marketing sources for different calltracking types are specified in the Expanded settings for scenario on step 4 Select the type of calltracking.  

Select the Dynamic type of calltracking and specify the marketing channel using a comma in the Advertising source field. 

To track the calls from dynamic numbers for all channels, leave the Advertising source empty. 

To track the calls from dynamic numbers for separate channels, specify the part of the roistat tag contained in the webpage link that will be clicked by the client in the Advertising source field. 

The tag for the first of the connected marketing channels should contain the identifier (ID) of this cannel.


The number will be substituted when the tag of the marketing channel is included in the roistat tag of the webpage that was visited by the user. 

For example, if you specify the adwords1 value in the Advertising source field, the following happens: 

Примеры настройки динамического коллтрекинга:

Рекламный источник


Empty field

For all channels.


For your Google Adwords account.

The number after adwords is the ID of the channel in Roistat. 

fb_groupFor Facebook group.

The number will be displayed only for webpage visits, for example, website.com/?utm_source=google

:utm:google_cpcThe number will be displayed only for webpage visits, for example, website.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc
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